Why invest

Our story

Founded in 2014, StemMedical is a private cell therapy company based in Denmark.
Starting from the discovery that fat graft survival could be more than doubled using infusion with Mesenchymal stem cells isolated from the patient and expanded ex-vivo, StemMedical has build a versatile cell manufacturing platform currently being deployed in two business lines; Plastic surgery and Therapeutics.
StemMedical remains committed to bringing cell therapy to patients in need, as is exploring the potential for application in other indications such as skin burns and would healing.


StemMedical’s core manufacturing competencies are focused on producing and expanding very high quantities of potent and affordable MSCs.

StemMedical can produce and harvest 12-16 billion ASCs from 100 ml of adipose tissue over 2 weeks using a scalable 3D cell culturing process instead of a manual non-scalable 2D cell process over several more weeks (as is currently industry standard).

Production takes place at our production facility outside Copenhagen. To expand capacity, blueprints have been made for a 2,500 sqm manufacturing site, designed for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) readiness, and with a planned capacity of over 7,000 batches per year. Work is currently in preparatory stage.

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Broad application potential

The StemMedical MSC manufacturing platform has multiple potential applications.

Our most mature branch and application of our platform is in Plastic Surgery. Here we focus on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and is commercially launched for cosmetic applications in Denmark with launches for UK and Norway coming in H2 2023. 

Our second branch and application of our platform is in Therapeutics, where we are focusing on osteoarthritis of the knee. We are currently at the pre-clinical stage and will be starting our phase 1 clinical trial in 2024.


Fact sheet

Commercial patients treated as of October 2023: 67

Employees in the company: 20

PhDs in senior management: 6

Big pharma professionals in senior management: 3

MSCs produced per patient per batch: 12-16 billion

Manufacturing time: 15 days

Transport validation: 48 hours


Programs in clinical development: 1

(Osteoarthritis of the knee)