About us

StemMedical is a versatile mesenchymal stem cell therapy platform with broad applicability

StemMedical is a private Denmark-based cell therapy company with two business lines; Plastic surgery and Therapeutics

In Plastic Surgery we focus on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and is commercially launched in Denmark with launches for UK coming in H2 2023

In Therapeutics, we are focusing on osteoarthritis of the knee and will be launching our phase 1 clinical trial in 2024



Plastic surgery applications

Cosmetic surgery
Recontructive surgery

Denmark (launched)
UK (H2 2023)
Northern Europe (2024-25)
Rest of Europe (2025-27)
US, Canada (2030+)
Asia, Middle East (pending)

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Therapeutic applications

Osteoarthritis of the knee
Phase 1 clinical trial start in 2024


We are dedicated to drive change to create a new paradigm for stem cell regenerative therapies to handle plastic surgery needs and various hard-to-treat medical conditions. We are currently developing the next generation of Osteoarthritis therapy to restore tissue homeostasis and function of the knee.

StemMedical will meet this ambition by

  • Discovering and developing innovative biological MSC stem cells therapies and make them accessible to patients throughout the world
  • Keeping our patients’ and customers’ safety and well-being at the core of everything we do
  • Partnering with leading hospitals, healthcare professionals and academia